And here i am,pathetically looking back through my old stuff.I missed you,i missed the memories we shared,i missed those moments,and i should stop and move on now.3 years would be enough right?

BoomHyo Strong Heart ep 165 [part 4]

Boom : I've been texting too for about 2 years
MC : With whom?
Boom : Hyoyeon..But for about a year she kept asking "who are you?"
Hyoyeon : LOL

HyoBoom/BoomHyo moment at Strong Heart ep 165

Best part when Boom shoved Jeon Hyeonmu away from Hyo~

BoomHyo Strong Heart ep 165 [part 3]

Hyoyeon : Sometimes when i want to drink,members dont feel like doing so.I feel lonely
Boom : Just give me a call whenever you feel like it
Hyoyeon : Excuse me?
Boom : I am sorry

BoomHyo Strong Heart ep 165 [part 2]

Hyoyeon : If i date someone,i would get the approval of our members,if they like him then i can get married with that person
Boom : Seems like i will have to be nice to your members

BoomHyo Strong Heart ep 165

Jeon Hyeomu : Boom,do you really like her?
Boom : Yes,i really like her
Hyoyeon : I like the atmosphere
Audience : Eyyyyyyy?
Hyoyeon : Uh?